How to create a Paperless office

How to create a Paperless office

More and more offices are choosing to ditch stacks of paper in favour of a more streamlined approach. Thanks to a new generation of apps and cloud-based technologies, you no longer need filing cabinets packed with paperwork. Taking your office paperwork reduces clutter, saves you money, and reduces your impact on the environment. 


Going paperless is easier than you might think. Here are 5 simple ways to create a paperless office. 

1. Send e-invoices 

Not only do e-invoices save paper and prevent clutter, they can help you organise your accounts payable, and encourage your clients to pay on time. 


2. Request e-statements

Banks, insurance companies, and utility companies send out heaps of paperwork, statements, and policies each month. Making the switch to paperless statements is simple, and will help you to archive and organise your accounts


3. Ask for e-signatures on contracts and documents

Contracts and documents can end up taking up a ton of space in your office, so why not go the paperless route? Start utilising Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platforms, including Adobe and DocuSign, which allow you to send and sign documents via email. E-signatures are legally binding in the UK.  


4. Use cloud-based apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Instead of storing your data on your own hard drives, make the switch to cloud-based apps. You can access your accounts and information on the internet, via apps, saving you paper, storage costs, and hassle. 


5. Discourage printing in your office, and remind others to do the same

This might seem like most obvious and simplest step towards going paperless, but you’d be surprised at how old habits die hard. Encourage your employees (and remind yourself) to only print when absolutely necessary. Limit the amount of paper in your printer, and set it to print on both sides. Add this message to the bottom of your outgoing emails: PLEASE CONSIDER THE ENVIRONMENT BEFORE PRINTING THIS EMAIL OR ATTACHMENTS.


Give these simple solutions a try, and your office can soon go completely paperless.