We transform good companies into great companies by optimising performance.

Our clients rapidly reduce costs and improve efficiencies whilst releasing cash and enhancing productivity. We deliver significant and measurable performance improvements in EBITDA.


Having worked extensively in the financial sector, our Directors understand how to make a business best in class at the lowest operating cost, maximising the return of a company.

Custom software for your business.

We build cost-effective, bespoke software solutions to help streamline your company.

Using the world’s leading software in rapid application development, we can help you transform your business.

Our developers deliver high performance, secure and reliable user experiences.

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Our Method

We do not ask our clients to provide detailed and comprehensive specification documents.

We have learned that success largely depends upon a shared understanding of the project requirements. Early in the project, we release a functional prototype to critical users. Doing this provides us with essential feedback and change requests – all included in the next, rapidly released version.

This approach provides clarity. We create a real time working and development environment. New ideas can be easily conveyed by a fully working application (the prototype), which demonstrates the actual functionality far more effectively than a written or verbal description.

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1 - Quote

One of our analysts will study your organisation’s processes.We produce a bespoke software development quotation for the complete project. The quote will include a project brief, list of all functionality required within the scope of the project, estimated timeframe, budget and resource allocation.

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2 - Accept

Once you accept our quotation, we create a full project plan. We assign the project manager and development team, agree on a kick-off, key milestones and completion date.

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3 - Prototype

Within weeks our rapid application development software enables us to release to your core team a working prototype that acts as a live development and test frame-work. Throughout the project, we incorporate your feedback to alter and optimise the solution, in real time, to meet your exact requirements.

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4 - Sign off

User acceptance is completed mainly during the development refinement process (step 3), with final approval aligned to the full delivery of the project brief.

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5 - Support

Long term ongoing support and improvement are provided as required.

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Rapid Application Development

Using the Agile project  concept, together with rapid application development (RAD) software is a method of software development that delivers a functioning application in a short space of time.  This process enables the user to have more involvement in the prototyping phase to make changes, see tangible delivery on the work set out and make decisions as the application develops.   

Software is powered by code.  If we change the code, the software adapts.  With rapid application development, your software can respond and adapt to the needs of the business and evolve with your company. 

We can break your project down into parts and deliver to you a working module.  This means you can see what is being worked on and measure progress and budgets easily.  It also means changes don’t derail the project or affect the development of other areas, as each section is compartmentalised.  While the sum is greater than its parts, the parts can stand alone and deliver value.  You can build a complete system, bit by bit, providing real benefits at each stage.

RAD also means full integration with other apps and systems early on, whereas using a more traditional waterfall development method will add this later in the process.  Identifying any problems with connectivity in the early stages is advantageous and again means faster delivery.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a means for businesses to manage daily activities.  The software connects and shares data across all areas of your company to cover accounting, sales, project management, purchasing, supply chain management and anywhere else required.


ERP systems are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, whether it’s an off the shelf package or custom software developed for your company. Large companies cannot fulfil their potential without it, likewise smaller operations are missing out on an opportunity to grow.


Eliminating the duplication of data and aligning the workflow across multiple departments results in significant savings.  Streamlining processes means lower operational costs and improved efficiency.  Gathering all the information from countless spreadsheets, different databases, open browser tabs and apps allow management to call up an instant report with data integrity from one familiar place.

To recap how ERP can help your business:

Connects all areas of the business

Consolidates and cleans data

Streamlines processes and increases efficiency

Reduces operational costs

Allows instant reporting

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