Why automation will help you streamline for Brexit

With the global coronavirus taking up most of the news cycle (and our mental bandwidth), it’s easy to forget that the UK is still committed to implementing Brexit. As we hurdle towards 2021 and reel from the new financial realities of COVID 19, it’s important to keep Brexit planning at the forefront of our minds.

Now more than ever, we have to become more efficient than our European counterparts. We will no longer be in the same free market, and their products and services will be our direct competition.

Despite its size, the UK economy is less productive than those in mainland Europe. One of the main reasons why the Germans and the French are more productive is because they have streamlined and automated their key processes in more efficient ways.

Since British workers have to spend more time on mundane tasks, they have far less time to spend on innovation and development. Repetitive tasks are tiring and demoralising, meaning that you essentially pay your workforce to become less productive over time.

Automating all of your repetitive tasks makes for a much happier workplace, and allows your talent to do what they do best. The result is a leaner, more streamlined business that excels in innovation, and has happier, more engaged employees.

If you want to compete in the post-Brexit economy, you cannot afford to relegate your employees’ talent to working on repetitive tasks. Follow the lead of successful businesses in France and Germany and start thinking about all of the different aspects of your business that you can automate. Now is the time to get competitive.